Being Lutheran

From where do the beliefs come?

 The Lutheran beliefs come straight from Scripture. Lutherans operate on the principal of Scripture alone. All that we believe, teach, and confess must faithfully be taken from the Holy Scriptures. We believe the Scriptures are God’s divinely inspired word that are able to make us wise unto salvation.

About Sin

About God

About Human Beings

We believe in original sin. No one is exempt. We cannot fix our own  redemption. We cannot struggle doing good to get redemption “points.”

We believe in the Triune God….the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. He is three persons in one God, not three gods and not one person. We believe in the goodness of God in that He loves His creation. He is gracious and merciful.

About Salvation

We believe that God’s love is very merciful but just. He sent His only Son Jesus Christ into the world to take on human flesh. We believe that Jesus took the burden of our sin upon Himself at the cross so as to endure our punishment.

We were created by God to be good and in a loving relationship with Him and other humans. Sin separated us from God through original sin from our parents, from Adam and Eve. We all fall victim to the temptations of sin. We need to understand God’s love and forgiveness.

About Reliance

Lutherans see everything through Christ who died for forgiveness. Lutherans realize man’s sinful nature and fully rely on Christ  for forgiveness. Lutherans lay it all at the foot of the cross where true man … true God was pierced for the forgiveness of man’s sins.