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Food Pantry

CLC is scheduled for manpower of the Food Pantry for September. This includes reception of people “shopping” for products and helping them as necessary.
The pantry is open on Mondays and Fridays from 9-11 am, but it will be closed on September 6 for Labor Day.
Can you help? There is a signup sheet in the narthex.

On September 19 we will meet and greet our new members. Many have been worshipping with us for a while, but an official reception was on the “back burner” due to the pandemic. If you are interested in membership, talk with pastor. We welcome you.
Join in greeting this group who have become part of the flock!
Erv and Demaris Nesheim
Brooke Hershey
Anita Lee
Mike and Cori Gallucci, Sophia and Amelia
Joe and Katie Noyes, Irving and Ellis
Ken and Maureen Raga
Michelle Floen
Maria Birch
“If you want the peace that passes understanding, you’re going to have to give up your right to understanding. It’s called trust.” —Bill Johnson

Peer Ministry Leadership
The new vision statement for CLC is:
As a family, we welcome all to worship around God’s table:
We connect in active small groups
We embrace the best uses of our property – inside and out
We give and receive generous helpings
One of the CLC small groups forming this September is our Peer Ministry Leadership (PML) group. Many of the students who have been learning about faith over the last few years in confirmation will now be participating in this group; other congregation and community members are certainly welcome. We will meet on Wednesday nights at CLC with a dinner at 6:00 and finish by 8:00. Using the biblical story of the Good Samaritan, this group will begin with some training on how to listen, how to welcome, and how to be helpful.
One of the tools shared and taught in this training is called WHEAT. It is an acronym for a conversation starter that helps lead to deep listening. WHEAT stands for:
W – Where
Where are you from?
If you moved to anywhere else in the world, where would you go?
H – Hobbies
What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
How did you get started with this hobby?
What is most satisfying about…?
E – Experiences and Events
What is your favorite experience or event?
What life event has shaped you? Or defined who you are?
A – Acquaintances
Do you know…? How did you meet…?
What do you enjoy most about…?
T – Travel
What is your favorite place go away to?
Any travel adventures coming up?
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We welcome all to join the table of God’s family that accepts, supports, refreshes and challenges each other as we live out God’s love.
The CLC Beacon
Whether you attend the PML small group training or not, I would encourage you to use this WHEAT tool in whatever small group you belong. Use it at home, at work or school, and please use it with your church. Ask these questions to those people in your life, even if you think you know them super well, you will probably learn something new. And as the director of Peer Ministry Leadership, Lyle Griner, likes to say, “When someone takes the time to listen, to really listen, to ask questions that matter, we make people REAL!” What a way for us to live out God’s love!
With thanks,
Pr. Jeremy
Property Committee/Todd Grabow• Blaine continues to work at the rental – replaced security light, did some roof repair near the chimney. Thank you!
• More spraying was done – mainly on thistle…
• Staining for the pavilion beams will happen September 19 after church. Come join the fun and bring some food for a potluck!
• Windows – Todd will buy windows and the trim will be removed this week.

Present: Pastor Jeremy Duprey, Melissa Rupert, Todd Grabow, Frances Loehr, Lori Comer, Sheila Gillespie, Kathryn Cleveland and Marsha Leininger (via Zoom).
Jamie Duprey requested a donation for the Missoula Children’s Theater at a cost of $3,250. It is for grades K-8 and the performance will be October 2. Motion approved.
Pastor’s Council Report: July 13 – August 15, 2021
Worship/Music: We completed our sermon series on the fruit of the Spirit. Our final outdoor worship will be September 5. We will begin worshiping indoors September 12.
Small Groups: We will encourage folks within the congregation to create small groups this fall around inviting activities.
Generous Helpings- We received 16 foot x 8 inch tongue and groove lumber for the pavilion. A big “Thank-you” to Lori Comer for lining this up with Carmen at the mill. Neimann/Rushmore Forest Products donated enough to do our whole ceiling.
Leadership and Education – Peer Ministry Leadership will begin for some of our students in September.
Love Inc: An exploratory team met twice to learn and discuss needs that are present in our community. Ultimately this group will make recommendations on how this model of ministry might work best in Hill City.
Synod: The 2022 ELCA National Youth Gathering will be July 24-28, 2022.
Community Events (Concerts/Sports/Other Organizations): Some of our church members helped at aid stations for the Lean Horse 100 race on the Mickelson Trail.
Pastoral Care: If you or someone in your circle is dealing with a medical struggle, please let me know and I will reach out to you or to them.
Ministerial Alliance: We look forward to The Black Hills Paha Sapa Celebration with Will Graham, September 24-26, 2021.
THRIVENT ACTION TEAMS: Signups are on the wall – there are still projects left!
• Love Inc.: exploratory group has people from CLC as well as St. Rose and some others from the community. Meeting every 2 weeks and identifying needs. Recommendations will be made in September or October.
• Community Garden: There is abundance! We will see if the food bank can take any.
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Council Meeting

• People from the Senior Center will meet here for cards during construction on its renovation.
• Lions Club will meet the first Monday of the month at 5:30 starting in September
• Housekeeping position is still needed.
• A BBQ in September to discuss options for Sunday School is planned.
• We’ll have a mid-semester check-in for those going to college this fall and for shut-ins.
Vision Statement work: Small Groups; Property; Generous Helpings
Emergency Shelter – emergency kit should be established. Lori has a list and kit from the Fire Dept. and will share it.
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We will gather families with Sunday school aged kids and discuss some options for faith education this year. There will be a BBQ/potluck at the church on September 12 at 4:30 pm.
“Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.”
—William Butler Yeats

Quilt Cops Needed

“Street Walkers”, “Quilt Cops” whatever you want to call them, we need volunteers (4 for each 2 hour slot) to walk Hill City’s main street to keep an eye on the outdoor quilts on Saturday and Sunday September 11 and 12. There are open shifts between 9am and 4pm. The majority of the quilts are hung indoors in the Gins Gym, however, there will be approximately 50 hung on the streets for all to see as well as draw attention and entice people to stop downtown. All volunteers receive free admission to the quilt show.
Please contact Twila Morris at 574-2810 to sign up for a time. Thank you so much. We could not do this without our amazing volunteers!!
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.
Lori Comer
(605) 430-7009

Pavilion Update
We received 16 foot x 8 inch tongue and groove lumber for the pavilion. A big “Thank-you” to Lori Comer for lining this up with Carmen Ronish at the mill. Neimann/Rushmore Forest Products donated enough to do our whole ceiling. If you see either of the ladies, be sure to thank them for this generous donation.

From Our Treasurer Frances Loehr
JULY 2021
Revenue included:
Propane Fund: $1,700(about $1,000 shy of goal as of 8/12)
General Tithing: $11,067
Rent: $900
Total: $13,667
Expenses: $11,193.37
Net income: $2,473.63
(YTD $10,705.75)
Pavilion donations $650
(8/12/21: pledges of $87,240 /received $80,540)
Nothing out of the ordinary to report.

We reached our propane pre-buy goal by mid-August! We now have $5,000 on hand to buy propane for this winter. THANK YOU!
Thrivent members have the opportunity to give back to CLC quarterly through Thrivent Choice Dollars. We received as much as $800 in a single quarter because our members selected Community Lutheran Church to get a little extra.

Thrivent members can also contribute by sponsoring a Thrivent Action Team once or twice per year (depends on membership level). These $250 grants from Thrivent help us with small projects, fundraisers, and events at CLC and in the community. It also encourages volunteers and fellowship among our church family! Talk to pastor or a council member for ideas on projects we have in mind or share what you’d like to do.

If you shop on Amazon, consider switching to AmazonSmile (especially on your phone’s app!). CLC can be your recipient of a percentage of your purchases. To select an AmazonSmile charity, look us up by Tax ID: 46-0364860.

The CLC Scholarship Endowment Fund is now over $36,000. This allows us to give scholarships to our graduates and continuing education students each spring. Additional donations can be added through offering or on the SD Community Foundation website:
Funding for our new outdoor pavilion is well underway. With a goal of $100,000, we have received pledges (as of 8/15/21) for $87,290. (Continued on page 8)

Of those pledges, we have $80,640 in hand. This fundraiser started in November of 2020, so we are just shy of one year, and we already have dirt work underway, and materials in hand.
A “Card Box” is available in the Fellowship Hall for last minute card needs. Use one if you would like to give an impromptu “Happy Birthday,” “Congratulations,” “Thanks” or “Get Well Soon” greeting. Bring some in if you have extras at home. Brighten someone’s day!
Every quarter, Council decides where to send our “First Fruits” money. “First Fruits” is our church’s recognition that we, too, give back to the community with the revenue we receive. This year, we have supported Iliana Trigueros’s family after a house fire, Missionary Jackie Griffin, SD Synod ELCA, LuMin the Hills (Campus Ministry), Outlaw Ranch, Missoula Children’s Theatre, HCHS Post Prom, and the Hope Center. If you have ideas for local (and beyond) needs that could use our support, please share with a member of Council to be on the list for the 3rd and 4th Quarter!

We extend thoughts and prayers to those who are ill or facing challenges in their lives.
Glen Anderson
Floyd Brian
Christopher Chambers
Joel Davidson
Ron Gillespie
Sheila Grieme
Orville and Nila Hall
Larry Heddles
Jan Humphrey
Pearl Johnson
Sandy Jordan
Kathy Kotas
Sawyer Mott
John Niemela
Dean Oja
Sally Ortman
Reggie Pitts
Kay Raderschadt
John Schrier
Sharon Shanklin
Jack Young

We honor our military members.
Denver Legg l Trevor Legg lChris Repstein
Travis Leeson l Luke Scott
Lydia Raderschadt
daughter of Mark Raderschadt
grand-daughter of John and Kay Raderschadt
Ethan McMahon cousin of Frances Loehr
Matthew Shuck son of Larry and Donna Shuck
Jacob Spear and Natalie Moore
grandson and grand-daughter of David Spear
Joshua Surver and Reagan Surver
grandchildren of Janis Borstad
Aaron Wahlberg brother of Jessica Jacobs
Jack Lopez nephew of Dale and Gayle Ludens
“Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.” —Mary Oliver
Please take time to review both the prayer list and the military members list.

Let us know of updates on conditions and status. Email or a call will work. Thanks! 605 574-4342

If you are a Thrivent member and have some Action Team dollars available, please consider using them for the pavilion work or projects for window replacement. Talk with Todd Grabow who is our property leader. He is anxious to get some work going!

WELCA:  We hope to resume our meetings this fall. Our first meeting will be the 3rd Sunday in September (19th), following the service. Hope to see then!


1 Bert Reichert
5 Ethan Euneau
5 Loralie Chamberlin
6 Darla Midgett
8 Jodi Bistodeau
9 Megan Anderson
15 Mark Raderschadt
19 Adrian Voorhes
23 Howard Euneau
26 Debbie Chambers
29 Jon Anderson